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Snap a photo that captures the not-so-pretty moments of your “real life” and post your pic on Instagram with the hashtag #livewithoutpretending.

Dear Friend,

So often, we post the “pretty” pictures – the ones that showcase our best moments. While we at Studio 5 don’t think there is anything wrong with putting our best foot forward, we also think there is power in putting our “real life” forward. So, we’re hoping you’ll share a snapshot from your real life. You know. The messy kitchen, the fighting kids, the gallon of ice cream you ate in one sitting. I mean, who does that? (picture me, with hand in the air)

Instagram is one of newest obsessions. If you’ve never used it, it’s fairly simple, but it does require a smart phone.

  1. Download the Instagram app to your smart phone.
  2. Sign up for an Instagram account.
  3. Snap a photo with your camera phone.
  4. Post it with the hashtag #livewithoutpretending. The hashtag or pound sign aggregates photos by topic.

My “real life” photo shows how I live when I’m not doing the TV thing: hair pulled up in a pony, not a speck of makeup, and wearing sweats that are two sizes too big. So, if you run into me at TJ Maxx on a Saturday, now you’ve been warned!

We’re looking forward to sharing your photos on the show and if you’ve got a story behind your photo, drop us an email at

Here’s to being real!

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