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Document relationships through photos! Capture the best moments in 6 ways

Use these photo guidelines to document relationships in your life.

Relationships are all about PEOPLE!

Story Coach and memory keeping expert Stacy Julian created an acronym to help create and document relationships in photos and stories.


P is for POSE: Take the extra effort/time and be silly or even ridiculous

E is for ENGAGED: Take photos of people—together—engaged in something, anything else. Don’t ask them to look at the camera, don’t interrupt them, just take the photo!

O is for ORGANIZE: Create albums for relationships. We tend to create albums for events and destinations—but start also curating images that show togetherness.!

P is for PORTRAIT: Portrait mode allows you to focus on one person and creates that gorgeous depth of field (blurry background). It’s magical when the house is a mess—portrait mode elevates the every day!

L is for photos you LOVE the most: These are not all the images you’ve favorited. This is a much more selective group—the .1% These are your very most favorites. Put these images into an album—or print them—and start writing the story. If you told one story a month about these photos, you’ll have an album of photos and stories you love—documenting relationships most important to you!

E is for EVERYDAY: When it comes to documenting relationships with photos and stories, everyday reigns supreme. Everyday photos are more important than trip photos and graduation photos and wedding photos. Everyday photos capture the little moments of magic. So look for and create/take these photos and then tell these stories.

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