valentine's village - pink house

This Valentine’s village is giving us all the heart eyes! Here’s how to make your own…

You’ll swoon over this Valentine’s village tutorial.

We’re all familiar with the 3-D miniature Christmas houses, all set up as little village holiday scenes. These sweet houses can be created for any holiday, and these Valentines houses are giving us all the heart eyes!

Studio 5 Creative Contributor Michelle Crowley shares all the details for making an adorable Valentine’s village.

The style of the houses is called Putz houses, originating in Germany in the early 1900s. They have remained popular in the Christmas genre and are having another big moment in a new fun and creative way! These hand made paper mache confections are intended to be “ultra-extra,” – the more details, the better. The art of it is about the process and the creative expression you add to make each house unique.

You can learn more about the step-by-step creation by visiting Michelle’s blog Find more projects from Michelle on Instagram, @michellesdesignlife.


Michelle is the newest addition to the Studio 5 team, joining in Season 18 as our Creative Contributor.  Friends describe Michelle as a gatherer. Entertaining, nesting at home, and jumping in painters overalls have become Michelle’s happy place.  Michelle is a degreed interior designer.  She gets her energy from other people.  And did you know — her bedroom is yellow!   Find Michelle on Instagram @michellesdesignlife or via the Studio 5 email,

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