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Write a love letter with heart! Here’s how to get your feelings across in words

Penning your feelings in a love letter can be tricky.

We all want to craft that heartfelt love letter. One that conveys our true feelings and sparks an emotional reaction for the recipient. What do you say when the feelings are bigger than we feel our words can convey? Sometimes the biggest hurdle is knowing how to get started.

Calligrapher Melissa Esplin helps us know what to say and how to say it – and even make it pretty in the process!

While we often think of love letters as something to a significant other, we can send a love letter to anyone we have a relationship with. Once we have that first pen to paper, the best way to get started is to focus on a personality trait. As you think about what you love about the person and the things they are good at, it will help to keep the words flowing.

Tie a memory of that person that represents the trait you mentioned and add that story to the letter for even more connection.

Have fun decorating and embellishing the letter with fun pens or fun folds. A few simple touches communicate that the contents inside are extra special.

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