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Some bunny loves you! 9 greeting card brands that are adorably cheeky

Gift the perfect greeting card for Valentine’s Day.

It’s like a mini piece of art that has something to say! Card and stationary options are exploding… from a greeting card that is cute and cheeky, to stylish and a bit sassy.

Ashley Collett, with Salt and Honey Market, has her pulse on where to source these pretty papers.


Most Whimsical: Carolyn Suzuki

Carolyn’s cards are characterized by little feminine illustrations and fun little phrases. They make you really look and think about them. Shop at

Most Artistic: Moglea

Impress your friends and coworkers with these cards. They hand paint cards and notebooks, is unique and different. Everything you give is a piece of art. Shop at

Best Classic Card: Cassidy Demkov

Cassidy Demkov is local to Sugar House, and creates beautiful, classic florals with a special touch. The artwork is something to pause and admire, and totally worthy of a frame. Shop at

Most Natural: Taylor Rae Bouquet

Taylor Rae Bouquet is a local florist and artisan. These cards are made out of seed paper, and are a beautiful texture. Once the recipient has enjoyed your heartfelt card, they can plant it and grow flowers in their yard. Shop at

Best Valentine’s for Kids: My Mind’s Eye

My Mind’s Eye has the cutest valentines that come with, not candy, but little erasers. These are a great option when you don’t want to gift another candy bar. Shop at

For the Harry Potter Lover: Frolic

These Harry Potter themed cards are Ashley’s own line she created as a lover of the series herself. The cute little Harry Potter phrases will have the Wizarding World obsessive in your life beaming. Shop at

Most Cheeky: Half Pint Studio

We would define cheeky as a little offbeat, and that is what these cards deliver. The artwork is simple, and the messages are cute and, like we mentioned, cheeky. Shop at

Best for the Zodiac Lovers: Curimonia

For the astrology lover, these cards have a cool, moody design that nod to the stars. Local to Utah, you can shop at their Maven store or at City Creek, or at

Best for Gifting Cash: Dear Beni

These pocketed cards hint to the gift of money inside with their cute phrases. If you don’t have time to go out and find a gift, these unique cards, with a little monetary present, will do the trick. Shop at

Find more pretty stationary on Instagram, @saltandhoneymarket. Shop all the cards Ashley mentioned at

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