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Flowers in a Diet Coke can?! Give your Valentine’s gifts a personal touch in 4 ways

These Valentine’s gifts come from the heart.

Fill a Diet Coke can with flowers! What better way to show your soda-loving sister you love her? We are always looking for ways to attach thoughtful meaning to our gift giving efforts. Taking the time to tie a little creativity to our giving will make all the difference.

Tesla Welch shares sweet samples of ways we can increase the impact of our Valentine’s gifts.


Before jumping into the “WHAT” to give, remember “WHY” we are giving and “WHO” the gift is for. Taking this time and effort to think about the recipient makes them feel loved and seen and makes the gift that much more appreciated.

Setting a nice tablescape and making a meal of “favorite things” is a thoughtful expression.

When gifting to our girlfriends and sisters, consider florals tied to a gift. For a Taylor Swift fan, you can fill a popcorn bucket from the Eras movie with florals and/or treats. For the soda drinker, use a reusable tumbler from their favorite drink spot as the vase for florals. Or, simply repurpose a soda can and fill it with blooms. All special, thoughtful touches that don’t cost a lot of money and are so memorable.

Give a teacher a mug filled with florals and their favorite tea bags. Or, a Starbucks cup with florals and a gift card so they can enjoy their favorites and remember the giver each time they use it.

For our family, think of their favorites and how you can pair it with something special. Simple gifts like chapsticks, lipgloss, earrings, toys and even gift cards can easily be added to any size bouquet of flowers with a simple floral pick that are typically free from your local florist.

Try one of these simple ideas to elevate you gift giving efforts.

Favorite Foods Dinner

Life can get heavy so why not take every chance to make the people in your life feel loved and seen? Beyond the basic “Commercialism” complaints and elaborate gifts, I’ve always viewed Valentine’s Day as a day filled with love and reaching out to “my people” to let them know I love them and appreciate them. One way I’ve done this is to have a fancy dinner every year with my husband and kids and I always choose at least one favorite food from each person for the meal. The menu might not belong in a 5-star review restaurant, but each person will eat at least one thing and it’s their favorite food. It’s all in the details, not the price tag.

I’m not telling you to spend hundreds of dollars and buy gifts for every single person in your life on Wednesday, to celebrate but here are a few fun examples that can be used on Valentines Day or really any day throughout the year you want someone to feel loved.

Galentine’s Gifts

Of course florals are a huge component of V-Day, so why not take it a step further and use flowers to show why you love them and that you value their hobbies and interests. Use a Taylor Swift Popcorn Bucket as a vase for your Swifties – popcorn bucket was free and could hold an elaborate arrangement or a bud vase and small gift. Easy florals inside a tumbler with a Soda gift card for your friend who always has a Diet Coke in her hand – shows you know her love for a fizzy drink and is just a fun detail. Or this simple Diet Coke cake you can make at home with a few flowers stuck into it.

Teacher/Co-Worker Gifts

Also fun to make sure the teachers in your life and co-workers feel love as well. Make an arrangement inside a mug with a cute herbal tea attached – this way they will feel loved every time they use this mug and remember you. A handwritten note telling a co-worker why you love working with them and their Starbucks order with a small bud vase of flowers,

Family Member Gifts

Of course kids want to feel loved on this special day. Make a cute Sweetart floral with a matching chapstick and toy from the dollar section. It easily attaches to a floral pick and can go inside a small floral for a daughter or niece. Boys can be a little trickier with florals, but I have found a way! One of my son’s lives on Door Dash (he pays for it himself!) so this fun chocolate heart with a floral detail holds a Door Dash gift card! My husband loves beef jerky and I found these darling conversation heart-shaped pieces with little I love you messages on them. Pop 1-2 flowers inside a small vase and you are finished! Maybe your wife or partner loves fun earrings and lip gloss – again pop these on a floral pick (most florists have these for free) and put them in a bouquet of flowers.

You can really use any detail from someone’s life to add a special touch floral touch on a big or little budget.

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