boy playing with Easter chicks

One nana made Easter exciting for her far-away grandkids! Here’s the clever idea…

We recently connected with a Studio 5 viewer who found a way to connect with her far-away grandkids this Easter holiday. Danette Holley hosted a virtual “chick race” for her four kids and their families. This idea is adorable, so we had to share it with you. Here’s how she did it:


Each family received a package containing a “grass” ring, wind-up chicks from the dollar store, a competition bracket sheet, and instructions. The rings, made from a plastic tablecloth, had an inner circle where the chicks were placed at the start of the race.

In the days leading up to the race, the children decorated their chicks and named them – “Early Bird”, “Egbert”, “Chick-o-saurus”- just to name a few.

The night of the event, they did a big family Facetime. The families introduced their racers before the race began and they ooed and ahhed over each one.

The first chick to exit the circle was declared the winner. It sounds easy, but we know those wind-up toys do anything but go in straight line. If a chick wound down, it was rewound and placed where it stopped. The families played a double elimination until a winner was declared.

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