marbled easter eggs

Use nail polish for a different creative project! How to make marbled Easter eggs

Make marbled Easter eggs with nail polish and water!

Many of our favorite home décor brands have a sophisticated Easter offering. Marbled eggs are swoon worthy and stunning, and you can try your hand at creating the concept at home. With a bottle of fingernail polish and a little DIY magic, you can marble eggs yourself and create a collectible all your own to put on display season after season.

Lindsay Banner shared how to marble eggs using nail polish.


Marbled Egg Instructions

Use your favorite nail polish colors. Nail polish gives you all the trendy colors and adds shine or shimmer to your eggs. Simply drip your chosen colors lightly onto the top of warm water. Move the bowl slightly to make the colors spread and intertwine with one another, creating the marbled effect.

Using a gloved hand, slowly roll the egg using the tip of your finger on the other hand over the top of the water applying the layer of nail polish onto the egg like a coating and then let dry. You can add multiple layers, if desired.

You can use these as décor elements throughout your house or as gift ideas for friends and family.

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