Don’t Fall Back Into Bad Habits

Don’t Fall Back Into Bad Habits

Fall is here, but if you are living with Type 2 diabetes, that doesn’t mean that
you have to fall back into bad habits. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and the
holidays right around the corner, we all know that there will be plenty of
tempting sweets and treats around.

Dr. Brandon Babcock, a doctor of chiropractic from the Functional
Endocrinology Institute of Utah, shares information about his revolutionary
method for treating Type 2 diabetes.

Without question, the most important thing any diabetic can do is stick to a
restricted diet and supplemental plan, which is what I design for each of my
patients at the Functional Endocrinology Institute of Utah. Sticking to that
plan during the holidays, when so much of our time is spent eating and being
surrounded by sweets and goodies, is crucial to staying healthy.

Anytime is a good time to start treating your diabetes. And instead of going
through the holidays and watching your health not improve or even get
worse, get on a regimented diet plan now so that you can gain control of it.
We will show you how to develop and maintain healthy eating habits all
throughout the year.


Our goal is to treat diabetes without medication. So many diabetics are just
handed medication or insulin shots that merely address the symptoms of
their disease. We focus on the source of the diabetes within the body, with
the goal of reversing it. We will start with an initial consultation. From there,
through specific testing and blood work, we will determine where the
diabetic breakdowns are occurring within the body and causing symptoms.
At that point, we will design a customized diet and supplemental plan for
each patient. When consistently following that plan, taking the proper dosage
of my recommended supplements and regularly visiting my office for
evaluations, patients will begin to see weight loss, lowered blood pressure
and cholesterol, elevated moods and the entire diabetic process actually
begin to reverse.

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Website: www.utahfunctionalmedicin

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