Lose Weight With the Belief Workout

Lose Weight With the Belief Workout

Diets don’t work. You have heard that. Maybe you have even experienced it.
Part of the reason is that we tend to gain weight back after we lose it.

Bruce Bennett has discovered a new type of workout that has been tested in
the state corrections department and researched by BYU.

Have you every lost weight only to gain it back?

You may have worked hard to develop new habits, but if you didn’t change
your thinking, the new habits didn’t last. When you only focus on new
behaviors, studies show that long-term success in unlikely. The thinking
that caused you to gain weight in the first place will eventually bring the
weight back.

The Belief Workout teaches specific skills to identify and change the beliefs
that are sabotaging weight loss success. Once you identify problem beliefs
and replace them, you stop the weight-loss yo-yo and the weight stays off.
You learn to make changes that are comfortable for the rest of your life.

The program started in the criminal justice system. It has been tested,
refined, and researched with people who are not motivated to change. The
results have been astounding. BYU researchers conducting a multi-year
study on the program just published a book called “Helping Offenders: What
Works?” in which they demonstrate that the program cut the number of
arrests by almost 50%.

After years of research and proven results in helping convicts turn from
crime, the program developers began to realize these tools would be even
more powerful for people who really want to change. They spent a year
working adapting the model specifically to weight-loss. In January 2011, they
began testing it and achieving great results.

The Belief Workout program is taught in six one-hour sessions, after which
participants are given an innovative, automated phone coach to follow up on
their progress. The course is taught in live classes, online through webinars
or via an online, self-paced course.

Because this is such a cutting edge approach to weight-loss, the developers
invite you to try it. For just $50, you can spend 30 minutes on the phone
with a Belief Workout trainer. You will learn specific skills, receive coaching
and get the information you need to decide if this is something that will work
for you.

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More information can be found at www.beliefworkout.com.

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