Hearing Problems from Tinnitus

Hearing Problems from Tinnitus

Are you experiencing ringing in the ears that comes and goes or is a constant
annoyance? If so, you may have something called tinnitus. This condition
typically occurs as a result of high frequency hearing loss.

Ryan Bacher, from My Hearing Centers explains what can cause the problem
and solutions for those who suffer from it.

Tinnitus causes noise to be heard in the form of a ringing, buzzing, roaring,
clicking, whistling or hissing sound. Tinnitus can be caused simply by age,
exposure to loud noises, prescription drugs, or even ear wax.

The cochlea is a snail shaped organ lined with thousands of tiny hair cells.
Each hair responds to certain sound frequencies and sends nerve impulses to
the brain that we interpret as sound. Damaged hair cells can send false
signals to our brain that we interpret as ringing, buzzing, etc.

A free Tinnitus evaluation will determine the loudness and frequency of the
tinnitus in each ear. The short evaluation takes approximately 30 minutes,
and is performed in each ear individually.

There are excellent solutions for as little as $1 per day. But, just as
importantly, My Hearing Centers can provide you with a hearing aid that is
customized to your specific need, lifestyle and preference. You will receive
the latest in digital hearing aid technology, the best in follow-up service from
our Hearing Professionals, and a solution to diminish your tinnitus at all
industry-best prices. We guarantee our results. If you aren’t happy, you can
return your hearing aids after a 30day trial.

Come have a free tinnitus hearing evaluation during our Open House,
October 31-4. You will also receive $500 off a pair of Siemen’s 101 Hearing
Aids. Call now to schedule your appointment. 801-618-4703

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