limited-edition fall treats

Get ’em while you can! Don’t miss these 9 limited-edition fall treats

Every season comes with its specialty flavors. And may we make a bold claim? Fall has the best of them. Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, we’re drooling just thinking about them!

Chelsea Fairbourn shares the tastiest limited-edition fall treats to grab up before they’re gone.


Limited-Edition Fall Treats

Caramel Apple Milk Chocolates

Remember those caramel apples suckers? This is like those, but without the stick. Ooey gooey, covered in chocolate, the perfect taste of fall.

Pumpkin Pie M&M’s

When you want a slice of pumpkin pie, without the full on slice of pie. The most authentic pumpkin pie taste we’ve found. Not overwhelming, just the right amount of pumpkin flavor.

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat

If you prefer Kit Kat’s to M&M’s, get your pumpkin pie flavor here.

Caramel Almond Pumpkin Spice Kind Bars

Pumpkin spice fix for the morning commute! Grab-and-go, subtle nutty flavor, this might be your new favorite fall snack.

Apple Cider Cake Donut, Provo Bakery

Start your day, or end your day, with this tasty treat. The crumble on top makes the whole experience.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie With Cream Cheese Frosting, Swig

Your favorite soda stop just got hit with the fall bug. Drive thru for a delicious pick-me-up during the mid-day slump.

Butterbeer Shake, Last Course

Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you. The classic butterscotch, taste in shake form! Topped off with whipped cream, gold sprinkles, and a chocolate frog, this dessert gives the traditional butterbeer a run for its money.

Treat or Treat Ice Cream, Cold Stone

Cold Stone’s cake batter ice cream turned boo batter! This black ice cream, with all the mix-ins, is the most festive Halloween treat you’ll find this season. Warning: your tongue¬†will turn black.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin, Starbucks

Get your pumpkin flavor without getting beat over the head with it. This muffin has the perfect subtle taste, and the cream cheese dollop on top is the finishing touch of your dreams.

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