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You don’t have to be a pro to make edible flowers! Here’s the one supply you need…

You can make edible flowers for your cake creations at home!

By Lauren Tippetts

You’ve probably seen incredible bakery creations with realistic-looking flowers artfully draped over the sides. Well, one way they make those pretty florals is something you can use at home… and you don’t have to be a pro! Kylie Holt is a professional baker, and we had her in our studio to show us how to make these edible flowers.

She brought an incredible cake display, and informed us that, “All of these flowers are made out of wafer paper, which is an edible paper.”




Wafer Paper 25 pcs, 8″ x 11″, $12.99

“There are so many ways to use edible wafer paper,” she said. “You can make flowers, print on it with an edible printer, you can make edible fabric.”

Kylie said it’s something the home baker can try their hand at!

“Once you understand how to use wafer paper, it’s really easy to make these flowers,” she said.

The paper comes white, and then you can color it any shade you want.

“It’s so much fun to use, and it’s so versatile,” Kylie exclaimed. She used gel color mixed with a wafer paper conditioner.

“This is just a simple mixture of distilled water and glycerin,” she said. “It keeps the flowers flexible so they’re not going to crumble and be so delicate.”

Using a paint brush, Kylie added the tiniest bit of blue gel color and mixed it with the wafer paper conditioner. She added some black to get a deep blue shade.

You can also color wafer paper using an airbrush!

Watch Kylie’s full tutorial on making wafer paper flowers here.

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