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Don’t stop at a bouquet! These 3 balloon ideas are better than basic

Take your next party over the top with some new balloon ideas.

It’s no secret, party balloons have gone big. With a year full of birthday parties ahead – get on the balloon train early with one of the basics. We’ve got the low down on how to work with those gold mylar number balloons, style them, and step them up a notch.

Balloon artist, and all-around party friend, Mary Leishman, shares her know how for happy looking party balloons. She has three better-than-basic ways to use mylar balloons at a party.

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3 Creative Balloon Ideas

Large Floating Numbers with a Tassel

This is a more elegant, eye-catching, and high-impact option. Use a 3-foot balloon filled with helium. Clip a section of foil fringe to add a shimmery tassel which will not weigh down the balloon. Make the balloon appear to float by swapping out the standard balloon string for invisible fishing line.


Cake Topper Numbers

Use self-inflating mini foil balloons to make a happy cake topper. You’ll want to find the 6″ number balloons that can be found at Zurchers. Blow up a cluster of small balloons and mount them between two dowels or straws. Affix the 6-inch balloons in the top.


Numbers on a Streamer Backdrop

This is a great option if you want to make an impact or take lots of pictures with a backdrop. It’s affordable and easily customizable. Start by filling a wall with vertical crepe paper streamers. Affix a large 3-foot, air-filled balloon over the streamers. Tip: Gaff tape is your best bet for sticking things to the wall.

Mary Leishman is a Wasatch Front native with a BA in Communications from BYU Hawaii. As a former Disney Cast Member, she is passionate about magic and celebrations, so starting Mayberry Balloon Co is a perfect fit! Mary loves Diet Coke, free diving, films, family, and her dogs Jack and Ernie. Find and follow her at @mayberryballoonco and