Doodlebug Halloween Tree & Ornaments

Studio 5 Contributor Wendy Smedley shows how.



circle punch

fun foam


dowels or sucker sticks

wire cutter

glue (i used hot glue)




1. punch two circles per lollipop out of solid cardstock

2. punch two swirls out of white paper

3. cut foam circles a bit smaller than circle punch

4. prepare dowels (paint if desired)

5. apply adhesive to swirls and glitter

6. soon as the glitter is dry glue these to the solid colored cardstock

7. sandwich the foam with a circle and insert the dowel in the middle

8. glue all in place

9. add string or a wire to the top in order to hang on tree

Candy Balls


Styrofoam balls

liquid adhesive

dry paintbrush


1. completely cover ball with adhesive, then glitter

2. let dry

3. add wire hook to top



black cardstock

black glitter



Styrofoam balls

white stick pins or small white beads


1. cut wings and ears from cardstock, set aside

2. roll balls to form egg like shape

3. insert wings and ears into bat shape

4. cover with adhesive

5. add glitter

6. let dry

7. add two white pins for eyes and hook to hang from tree

Putting it all together

1. Cover base of tree with bold colored paper (optional)

2. fold down branches until you get look desired

3. time to decorate

4. start with the larger ornaments add to tree at varying heights

5. add ornament balls to bottom and top of branches

6. sit back and enjoy!

Glitter tips

• apply liquid glue liberally

• allow adequate time to dry

• mix adhesive with 2 parts glue 1 part water

• use shallow container or glitter tray

All supplies provided by Doodlebug Design

Sugar Coating glitter is available at Heartland Paper & Robert’s craft stores, or online at:

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