Clearing and Repairing Slow Drains

Kent Whipple, with Whipple Service Champions explains how slow running drains can be fixed.

Ever since the potty came indoors, plumbers have had the job of getting the effluent from the indoor plumbing back out outdoors. And one thing that is inevitable is that drain lines plug up.

And the most serious line to plug up is the line from the house to the street. That is because it is buried deep under tons of dirt pushing down on it and it is out in the yard sitting in a bed of roots.

We have trenchless solutions that most people are not aware of so we are letting people know of their options for fixing the main outside line to the street with minimal above ground disruption. We have trenchless technology. One is bursting the old line without digging it up and pull a new heavy duty continuous length of pipe to replace the old line right in the bed of the old pipe. And the other is to put a new heavy duty fiberglass liner in the pipe. This is not new technology; it is just that Whipple is one of the only companies in town doing this.

There have been over 60 million feet of pipe installed using the pipe bursting method over the last 18 years. And 98% of the pipe has been the kind of pipe we use High Density Poly Ethylene heat fused together to make a continuous length.

For more information, you can contact Kent at
or 1-(877)-W H I P P L E. They are offering a special deal for drain cleaning. Any drain line
cleared for just $49, and a free estimate on replacing your main line if that is needed.

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