Halloween Chic

Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft & Floral takes the holiday to a whole new level.

There is a fine line to be walked between Halloween tacky and Halloween chic, BUT the season of ghosts and ghouls doesn’t have to be a frightening decorating disaster. With a little bit of creativity, a pinch of craftiness, and a length of inspiration, the spooks that haunt your home this season can be classic and tasteful.

1. Choose a simple color scheme.

One of my favorite color schemes for Halloween is classic black and white. Accent with a metallic – SILVER shines! Here are some creative color combinations to consider:

• Green, black and white.
• Purple and white.
• All shades of orange with black and copper    accents.
• What about yellow, orange, and black?

2. Use what you already have, but add a twist.

Pumpkins are SO versatile. Paint them black or white and shine with a lacquer. Decorate with tacks, decorative brads, feathers, glitter, or stencils. The posh pumpkin possibilities are ENDLESS.

Apothecary Jars can make a beautiful candy display for the season. Black licorice, chocolate eyeballs, holiday lollipops, etc. Fill them with metallic accents, black spider rings and webs, hang rubber bats from the lids, small gourds.

And don’t overlook the simplicity of sugar! Candy makes a great decoration.

3. Combine the classic with the creepy.

Surprise your family and friends by making the seemingly ordinary into a festive surprise. Fill your favorite classics with unexpected scares–eyeballs, creepy critters, and rubber mats. Sometimes the most frightening things are found in the most unlikely places.

Additional favorites for this year’s Halloween décor:

• Owls and Crows. Vinyl crows on white plates or    platters. Any owls or crows with a metallic finish or    shiny surface.
• Black feathered ANYTHING. Boas, wreaths, orbs.
• Black and white animal prints. Zebra prints are    perfect.
• Balloons. Large and very round balloons are    extremely popular right now.
• Pottery Barn murals
• Lamps and lighting. Play with bulb colors and add    simple embellishments to your table lamps.
• Halloween jewelry. Look for lots of bling!

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