Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices: Acai Juice

Their juices taste good to your palate, although the taste of each Exotic Juice may seem “different,” as compared to any competitive juice made from the same fruit.

Dr. Tim Hollingshead talks about the acai berry on Studio 5.

Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices have a pleasant, natural fruit fragrance Their juices have their own distinct color that compares as closely as possible the actual color of the fruit from which the juices are produced. They are certified natural, pure, potent, kosher, organic, wild harvested and are bottled in a reputable and laboratory-clean facility.

Every juice bottled contains a high percentage of the real juice being offered (example: over 85% of real acai juice is in the product), and does not contain a mixture of other juices, sugars, artificial flavors, colors or harmful preservatives. They are attractively packaged and labeled. The instructions for use and contents of the bottle are clearly printed on each label. Each juice is double-sealed in an unbreakable, non-leaching plastic bottle. The health-related statements made about each Exotic Juice are not extravagant, untrue nor prohibited by the FDA.

The prices quoted are very reasonable and not inflated. The cost of shipping and handling is reasonable. Your location is considered and the least expensive method is chosen, with the fastest and best way to ship the order to the customer.

Customer service offered by the company is rapid, accurate and designed to assure you get friendly, personal, fair and satisfying responses to your inquiries. The product guarantees offered are clear and fair and refunds are provided with no argument.

Brazil Botanical Exotic Juices are of the highest quality obtainable. Give them a serious try and let Dr. Tim know what you think about their quality.

Brazil Botanicals are dedicated to bringing to you the very best from the world’s largest rainforest found right in the Amazon basin and are dedicated to the preservation of all of the world’s precious rain forests.

Have Fun, Drink More, Live Active…It’s what the Doctor ordered!

For more information on Brazil Botanicals, check out their website at www.brazilbotanicals.com

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