Dress Up Your Summer Tunic

Tunics are easy to find this time of year with the hot temperatures and
summer season under way. A tunic is generally shapeless, which makes them
extremely comfortable to wear…but it can also make you feel less feminine if
you don’t wear it the right way! To avoid making your tunic look like a “bag”,
follow some of these suggestions and get ready to feel trendy if your tunic!

Belt It: Add shape to the unshapely tunic! Throw on your
comfortable tunic and add a colorful, contrasting belt around the smallest
part of your waist. This will help create an hourglass figure and give you
definition under a shapeless dress.
Graphic print tunic: H&M, $24.95
Blue belt: JCrew $39.50

Dress it Up: A blazer can add sophistication and shape to any
tunic. Again, a tunic is generally loose fitting, without pleats, darts or much
detail. Add a blazer to dress it up and give your outfit a clean and classy
edge while still feeling comfortable in your tunic. Make sure to take full
advantage of these summer months and find a white blazer or something
with a bright pop of color! This look is perfect for work or a dressier
Navy tunic: Nordstrom, $320.00
White blazer: Nordstrom, $78.00

Pair it with Pants: A summery tunic paired with skinny jeans
balances our proportions and elongates the ensemble. This look is simple,
yet chic and is perfect for a daytime outing. Remember when wearing a tunic,
no matter the ensemble, the waist down should be fitted and tight. Skinny
jeans and leggings are perfect for this because you want to balance out the
whole outfit.
Pink tunic: Banana Republic, $120.00
White jeans: Banana Republic, $89.50

Button up: Find your favorite button up shirt and wear it over your
tunic. As with any outfit, make sure the colors or patterns complement each
other, tie it at the waist and you are ready to go! This look creates that curvy
finish a tunic doesn’t naturally give. Again, you are accenting the smallest
part of your waist by knotting the bottom half of your shirt. Feel free to
button up a few of those buttons or leave it completely open. The collared
shirt adds a refined look to your versatile tunic!
Striped tunic: Nordstrom, $78.00
Chambray button up shirt: Target, $19.99

Accessorize: A comfortable tunic always looks great when paired
with accessories. The tunic itself is very simple, so adding any type of
accessory is a perfect way to accentuate your style and magnify the look!
Think hats, sandals, and sunglasses for a pool day or go for a more
sophisticated look with wedges, a necklace and bracelets. Use your
accessories to dress up or dress down your outfit!
Pink tunic: JCrew, $150.00
Sun hat: JCrew, $34.00
Colored bracelets: Nordstrom, $25.00 each
Necklaces: JCrew, $32.50 each
Sandals: Nordstrom, $88.95

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