mason jar spouts

Drizzle a little dressing! Top off your salad with these mason jar spouts

We love finding cool new products. And we think this find came just in time for Thanksgiving. These mason jar spouts are the stylish way to serve salad dressing. Instead of setting out a bottle, pour it into a mason jar and top it off with one of these!

Salad Dressing Mason Jar Spouts, $8.99

It adds a cute factor to the table, and it’s practical! Have you ever thought a bottle of dressing had a squeeze top, but it didn’t? You probably ended up with dressing with a side of salad, not the other way around. These spouts eliminate that problem. They pour out a nice drizzle of dressing for a perfectly tasty salad.

If you prefer homemade dressing, may we suggest this game-changing maple dressing? The recipe is a favorite of Studio 5 friend Kristin Andrus, and it elevates even the most basic salad.

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