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Dust off the disco ball! How to use this retro motif in modern ways

There are so many fun ways to use a disco ball.

Add some sparkle to your summer with disco balls! Once a retro, groovy accessory… the disco ball is now considered a little more elegant!

Celeste Whitney takes this glittering orb from the dance floor to your next at-home party.


Consider a disco ball in new applications.

  • Elegant weddings
  • Baby showers
  • Home décor

It’s a simple and unexpected addition to dress up your flower arrangements or centerpieces.

In the DIY world, you can not only color and transform the basic disco ball, you can also find the concept available in mirrored tiles, ribbons, and fabrics, letting you take the reflective magic to any material or surface.

Celeste Whitney is a former Studio 5 creative contributor with a flair for a homemade way to make things beautiful.  She is always drawn to a project that no one else is doing – making her crafts and DIYs totally innovative and intriguing.  Celeste is a home school mom and elevates the everyday in simple ways. Find and follow Celeste on Instagram @sevenloops.

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