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Your Easter dresses need a lady jacket! 5 trends with just the right spring-y vibes

These Easter dresses will see you all the way through spring!

Easter is the time to break out the flowy florals and the pretty pastels, and maybe go for something more feminine than you’re used to. Most importantly, find something you feel confident wearing.

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shared her favorite Easter dresses for 2024.


The Lady Jacket

Topping the list for Easter trends for 2024 is the lady jacket. It is classy, it elevates anything, and it looks good on everyone. This is a separate, not exactly an Easter dress, but it’s one of Casey’s favorite looks for this year.

“A lady jacket is so elevated and chic, and feels very Easter appropriate,” she said.

This time of year, we want to be a little bit more formal. A lady jacket does that perfectly.

“You can either button it up almost like a shirt, or leave it open like a jacket or a cardigan. I like giving this outfit a little bit of shape and form by buttoning it up,” Casey said.

A lady jacket isn’t just for your formal wear. You can totally wear it casually too.

“My favorite time to wear these are with jeans and a t-shirt,” Casey exclaimed.


Crochet is coming on strong. Every spring it comes around, whether in the form of bags or scarves, and now we’ve got dresses. It just feels so spring… easy and happy.

Casey opted for a shift dress with more shape, making it feel a little more sophisticated and out of the boho realm.

“It just hugs and feels just nice on the body. It’s not loose and boho-y. We’re also going to add a silk scarf,” she added.

There are a lot of ways to wear a silk scarf. Around the neck is a pretty look, but if might feel like a little much for some.

“If you’re not ready for that, then take it and throw it on your bag,” Casey said.

Puff Sleeve

The puff sleeve is just so feminine and female. If you are broader on your shoulders, a really good way to balance that out is to make sure that you’re going to have more volume in the bottom.

“With this fit and flair, they balance each other out. You want the dress to come in at the waist, and then go out and give you some volume in the hips,” Casey advised.


Linen is a classic go-to fabric. Casey paired this dress with a lady jacket slash bomber.

“We’re seeing so many bombers… we’re seeing lady jackets. So naturally they’ve combined the two and I think that it’s so chic,” Casey said.

She also added that sky blue is the color of the season.

“It was red back in the winter and now it is this happy, sky blue. I love a good color, but for Easter, you want to go a little softer,” Casey explained.


We can’t talk about Easter dresses without mentioning florals. Casey chose a dress that is feminine, beautiful, and Easter-y, but said she would wear it casually, too.

“Even outside of Sunday, I’m going to throw a denim jacket on over this… or a bomber or a lady jacket, and just wear this out on a random Tuesday for a girl’s breakfast,” she said.

Find more style advice from Casey, and all the links to these dresses, on Instagram, @caseymathenystyle, or at caseymatheny.com.

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