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Make Easter more sacred in your home. 3 ideas for celebrating Holy Week

You can make Easter more sacred with just a few special touches.

Easter is an important part of many homes and many look to fill the season with something holy. The sacred nature of Easter brings meaning to this special time of celebration and refection.

Katie Hughes shares how we can creatively bring love and learning into our homes this Easter.


Prepare Your Heart & Home

First, prepare your heart and home. Katie said you can do this through connecting with other faiths and listening to podcasts, sermons, or reading books. She also suggested adding images of Jesus into your décor to provide a visual reminder of the reason for the holiday.

Honor Holy Week

Katie’s second tip is to honor Holy Week. Her ideas included studying maps of the holy land and timelines of the things that happened there. She also suggested spending time in scripture reading and serving in the community.

Traditions that Remind of Christ

Her last suggestion focuses on filling the week with traditions that tie your mind back to Christ. Maybe you have some traditions from your heritage or even introduce a Passover dinner for your family to enjoy and commemorate.

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