Easy Cheesy Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day just a week away, which means it is time to break out the oh so festive puns!

Emily Hover says a cute pun paired with a sweet treat is the perfect way to shower your friends and family with love this Valentine’s Day!

Classroom Gifts –

If you have children, then you’ve got to come up with some Valentine’s to give away to the entire classroom!

Don’t worry – we can help! We have lots of ideas and we can make them for you – or give you a printable to do for yourself!

1. Pop Quiz! Will you be my Valentine? (Ring Pop)

2. Don’t be an AIRHEAD, have a great Valentine’s Day! (Airheads)

3. It would be FUN if you’d be my Valentine! (Fun Dips)

4. I CHEWS you to be my Valentine (we’ve used rainblow gum and bubbalicious)

5. Can I ROPE you into being my Valentine? (super long licorice ropes all tied up)

6. I “PIX” you to be my Valentine… (giant pixy stick made into an arrow) Another cute saying is, “My arrow is shooting straight for you, will you be my Valentine?”

Teacher Gifts –

1. Teacher, you’re a great CATCH (Swedish Fish)

2. A Special Delivery for one Sweet Teacher! (A valentine delivery truck printable made into a pouch, filled with any type of treat you’d like)

3. Teacher, I’ve got you MARKED as my Valentine! (a mason jar filled with dry erase markers)

4. You’re a DYNAMITE teacher! Happy Valentine’s Day (a miniature can of Pringles potato chips is covered with a printable, add a “fuse” on top and you’ve got a little dynamite stick!)

Some of our Favorites –

1. I “mustache” you a question… will you be mine? (we’ve taken a stick on mustache and attached it to a bottle of root beer – mustache can still be used)

2. Hugs and Hisses for you… (snakes!)

3. Wishing you a Most Marvelous Valentine’s Day (M&Ms)

4. I’ll be your chocolate if you’ll be my peanut butter (Reeses Peanut Butter Cups)

5. Sending Valentine wishes to my favorite love bug! (We’ve used bug finger puppets slid on top of a laffy taffy rope)

Check out free downloadable Valentine tags from Pioneer Party.
Click on the links below for the printables:

Pop Quiz! Will you be my Valentine?

Hugs & Hisses for you!

Teacher – I have you marked as my Valentine!

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