Sweet & Handmade Valentines

Help your kids create one-of-a-kind gifts for all of their special Valentines!

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares fun ways to bond with your little ones while making handmade Valentine gifts this holiday.

Potato Stamp – If you want to include your kids in the creation of their classroom valentines this is an easy and cheap way to do so. Grab a potato or two from your food storage, a cookie cutter, knife, craft paint and paper. Cut your potato in half. Then push your (small) cookie cutter in the potato (the part of the potato you just cut). Then take a knife and cut around your cookie cutter just above the bottom of where is in the potato. Your outside pieces should pop out leaving you with the cookie cutter. Pull the cookie cutter out and there you have your very own stamp. Stamp the potato in craft paint and let the kids go crazy on their valentines paper!

Love Crown – Every girl dreams of being a princess, especially on Valentine’s day. It only requires you getting your hands a little sticky and a few minutes of your time. Materials needed for this adorable craft are;

– Lace (14″ as shown, but you can make it big or small as you would like). You can buy more expensive lace at fabric stores, I used ribbon/lace found on a roll at Hobby Lobby or Joann’s.

– Fabric Stiffener (Hobby Lobby $4)

– Tacky Glue or Hot Glue

– Poster board

– Clear plastic tape

– Jewels or embellishments if you would like.

Cut your lace at 14″. Place in a bowl with fabric stiffener (just enough to get the lace wet with a little excess). Let that sit for 15 mins. While that sits, take your poster board and cut a piece of cardboard 4″ tall x 15″ long. Fold making a circle. Because the fabric can stick to the poster board it helps to line it with clear plastic tape. Wrap the tape around the poster board. Once the fabric has set for the 15 mins, let the excess glue drip off and place your lace around the poster board ring. My tip is turn the lace upside down, so that the bottom is at the top of the poster board (as if it’s hanging upside down).

Place the board/lace on a paper plate and put in the microwave for 15 second intervals. Letting the fabric dry slowing. It will typically take 4 -5 times to get it fully dry. Remove the lace from the poster board carefully. Once it is dry you may have to add a small dab of hot glue or tacky glue to finish off the ring. You can add glitter glue or beads to your crown to add some embellishments and add it with a love note for your Valentines Queen.

Crystals – Who says you can’t combine a science project and a Valentine’s Day all in one. This is a craft that you can get your kids involved in that you can do several days prior to their class party to help eliminate stress the day of Valentines. Also bonus this project that your kids can create for pennies and it’s a personalized gift for their friends. For this project your kids will love to see there simple designs turned into crystals overnight. All you need for this is;

– Borax Laundry detergent
– Mason Jars or cups
– Popsicle Sticks
– String
– Fuzzy sticks or Pipe cleaners
– Food Coloring (optional)

To start out; cut or shape your fuzzy sticks into hearts, circles, or whatever shapes you would like. Take a small piece string and tie it to your fuzzy stick. Make your string long enough to tie to your Popsicle stick (approximately 4-5 inches in length). Add water to your mason jar or cub. Add 1/2 cup of borax cleaner and dissolve. Make sure it is entirely dissolved before adding your fuzzy sticks. Once completely dissolved, place your fuzzy sticks in the water with the Popsicle stick hanging at the top of the jar to make sure it doesn’t fall into the water. Allow your sticks to stay in the water/borax mixture overnight. In the morning you will have crystals that have formed on the fuzzy sticks. Creating a craft that your kids can give to their classmates, that isn’t just another piece of candy! Kids can hang them in their windows to create sun shadows sure the spark the imagination.

Love Notes (Envelope) – If you love a personalized note, you can create your own by combining the note and envelope all in one. Grab you scrapbook paper and cut into a large heart. Fold your two sides of your heart in about 1/2 way to the center of the heart. Then take you piece that looks like two half circles and fold to the Fold the bottom (triangle looking piece) and fold to the top, so it creates a triangle at the bottom. Fold your triangle piece over and you have a envelope! Fill your heart with a love note and fold into personalized envelope for your special someone!

Cupids Arrow – Valentines is all about being hit with love by Cupid himself. Who ever your cupid may be you can make your own cupids arrow with a few scrap pieces of paper. I found these hearts at Hobby Lobby for $3 for 3. I then created a small arrow by cutting a small piece of paper which was 2″ x 2 1/2″ long. Cut the top and bottom into a triangle shape, using a xacto knife cut two small holes in the top and bottom in the middle of the arrow. Then slice the sides of the arrow with small diagonal cuts. I added a Valentines treat in the middle of the arrow.

Balloon Fun– A way to keep your love note a secret and make the suspense almost to much to bear. Slip a love note, in the top of a balloon. Blow up the balloon about 1/2 way and tie off. Add the name of who your Valentine is going to and they will have to pop the balloon to find out who their secret Valentine is.

Jar of Secrets – Who doesn’t love getting secret love notes, especially for Valentines day? I purchased a sheet of these small chalkboard stencils at Hobby Lobby. Add it to a mason jar and fill with all your little secrets of why you love your sweet Valentines.

Secret Treat– If you love surprises then this little paper craft will surprise you with what’s inside. You can purchase this pre-made cut out at Pebbles in my Pocket (Orem) and fill with your favorite treat and top it with a little love note for your classmates, or friends.

Write it up – Chalkboard art is all over the place and so fun to do with a love note in your own handwriting. You don’t have to go to huge lengths to make your little ones Valentines. Purchase these small wood chips at Hobby Lobby (4 for $2) and spray paint with chalkboard paint. Add a simple treat and there you can leave a love note on this special day.

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