Valentine Care Packages

This Valentine’s Day send love to all of your favorite people, no matter how near or far they live from you!

Studio 5 Party and Holiday Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares creative packages for everyone on your Valentine list!

Show someone you care by sending them a creative package filled with love!

Care packages can be sent or given for any reason or for no reason at all. They are fun to give and fun to receive. Endless themes can be used and always be on the lookout for creative and unique items to include. I like to include unusual things or items that the recipient might not normally buy or have seen before. Care packages can be tiny or large but make them creative. Make sure to check postal regulations especially if sending internationally.

Cupid Care Package (romantic love, spouse)
Add personalized touches to this package. It could also be adapted to give to a parent, grandparent, child, etc. and called a “Be Mine Valentine” care package. A cute idea is to write 100 reasons why I love you on the inside the actual box itself or on a long scroll tied up with a ribbon. Make sure to pack with lots of punched heart confetti.

Include items such as: one a day love notes in a jar, personalized coupons, date/dinner coupons, romantic dvd, candles, personalized fortune cookies, chocolates, love letter, perfume or cologne, Red Hots candy, lingerie, etc.

Love Across The Miles (missionary, military, student)
Be creative in the packaging of the items. Create wraps around food or other items with quotes or thoughts. Another idea would be to include 14 wrapped gifts – as a countdown to Valentine’s Day.

Include items such as: candy bar “poster” made on fabric, photo calendar or small photo book of why you love the person, pictures of people holding a message, pillowcase with a heart and messages to the person written in permanent marker, twist a t-shirt into a heart, gift cards, miniature games or books, cut out hearts with messages they can tape on wall or door, etc.

Pretty In Pink (girlfriend, sister, mom)
Any color theme could be used for a holiday care package or anytime using the recipient’s favorite color. Repackaging items works great here to fit into color scheme. Cute packing for this would be pink paper shred or pink feathers. Line the inside of the box with a pretty coordinating wrapping paper for an extra color pop.

Include pink items such as: candy, lip gloss, nail polish, t-shirt, garbage bags, bath scrubbies, nail files, mug, etc. etc. etc.

You Are So Sweet (friend, coworker, anyone)
This is a great package for anyone with a sweet tooth. You could include sayings such as “It’s a treat to know you,” or Thank you for the sweet thing you did for me,” etc. You could also make a care package themed especially for a chocolate lover including not only chocolate but a book of chocolate recipes.

Include items such as: surprise crepe paper candy ball, unique candies, wrapped chocolates, gift cards for a dessert, brownies, cookies, flavored milk straws, hot cocoa or sweet drink mixes, personalized m&m’s, personalized taffy, small Candy Land game, etc.

Valentine Party in a Box (grandchild, family with children, student)
This box contains everything you would need for a party (think elementary school classroom type party). Make it Valentine themed or adjust to a specific theme.

Include items such as: sugar cookie or cupcake mix, cupcake wrappers and toppers, can of frosting, candy Valentine sprinkles, red/pink baking tools, Valentine cards, paper products, simple Valentine themed games (conversation heart games, bingo, etc.), Valentine themed coloring pages, drink mix, crepe paper, balloons (write messages on them), music, confetti, table cover, banner, etc.

Birthday in a Box (anyone)
This box would be somewhat similar to the Valentine party in a box but change it to fit the birthday recipient. Many specific themes could be used or just a general birthday theme.

Include: paper products, candles, cake mix, frosting mix, candy sprinkles, party hats, paper products, birthday banner, invitations or cards, small gifts, disposable camera, balloons, party blowers, paper lanterns, banner, music cd, dvd of personalized birthday wishes, favors, etc.

Thoughts of You (illness, cheer, grandparent, just because)
This is a great idea for someone who is ill or just needs some cheering up.

Include items such as: rice warming pack, chicken soup in can or dry mix, mug or soup bowl, unique spoon, throat lozenges, dvd, book, soothing music cd, tissues, fuzzy socks, Jello packages, booklet of encouraging thoughts, small fleece blanket, etc.

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