Easy Spring Centerpieces

We’re ready for a splash of spring here at Studio 5! And we’re starting with
a single centerpiece. Simple, stylish, do-it-yourself ideas you can complete
in an afternoon.

Studio 5 Contributor, Cari Stevenson shows why it doesn’t take a lot to add
that element of spring surprise.

Jelly Bean Topiary


· 5 bags of jelly beans

· 15 inch long wooden dowel 5/16 in diameter

· 5 inch foam ball

· foam block

· hot glue gun

· small pot

· parchment paper


1. Spray paint the pot and wooden dowel a bright color.

2. Hot glue jelly beans all over the foam ball leaving about a 1 inch

3. Insert wooden dowel in the foam ball and then finish gluing jelly
beans around the dowel.

4. Take the pot and trace a circle with the parchment paper and cut out.

5. Place the foam block inside the pot, place the parchment paper on top
and insert the other end of the wooden dowel.

6. Fill pot with jelly beans

Monogram Wood Plaque


· Two 14×11″ wood box frames; available at The Wood Connection
located at 6680 S 300 W, SLC or http://www.thewoodconnection.com/

· Martha Stewart Paint in Geranium; available at Michael’s

· Martha Stewart Wedding Cake Paint in Gloss; available at Michael’s

· Martha Stewart Stencils

· Spouncers

· Wood letter

· KILZ Primer


1. Prime both plaques

2. Paint with white Wedding Cake paint

3. Stencil with Geranium paint (follow stencil instruction)

4. Glue wood plaques together, back to back, creating a large box

5. Pain letter and glue on top of the plaque

Bud Vases

· KILZ Primer

· Spray paint

· Bud vases and/or glass bottles


1. Spray vases with primer. Allow to dry.

2. Coat vases with spray paint.

Personalized Jars


· Sticker letters

· Blue painters tape

· Glass jar

· Spouncers

Grass Picture Planter


· Galvanized tin

· Wheat grass

· Pictures

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