Eggs on the grill?! This Shakshuka recipe is our foodie friend’s most sought after

Eggs and grill aren’t two words we’d put together, but this recipe does it, and does it good!

It’s one of our foodie friend’s most sought after recipes. Shakshuka picked up steam in 2019, and now, we’re taking that dish one step further. We’re putting it on the grill!

Kristin Andrus shares how to make this egg and tomato sauce dish. She shares how to get more depth of flavor, and how to make it stove top or grill top.

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*Ingredients portions will vary depending on the desired amount of serving sizes.

  1. Sauté an onion in olive oil
  2. Add minced garlic. Add a few large cans of organic diced tomatoes (I used the large cans)
  3. Add quite a bit of cumin, turmeric, and paprika, salt, and jalapeño peppers
  4. Add cayenne pepper to taste (be careful not to over heat)
  5. Simmer on low with the lid off so the tomatoes reduce and thicken (making this the night before really let’s all the tastes mix)
  6. When ready, add as many eggs as you’ll eat in this sitting. (I usually do a dozen, but this tomato base is great as a leftover, heated up, and then fresh eggs poached each time)
  7. Poach eggs with the lid on so it steams them perfectly and to desired egg consistency.
  8. Remove from heat.
  9. Add goat cheese after the poach. Replace lid to steam. Add fresh basil and cilantro to garnish.
  10. Serve with a toasted sourdough bread and your favorite EVOO.

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  • Thank you for the recipe I’m looking forward to trying it. This reminds me of a recipe that my Italian grandma made. It is a typical pasta sauce but we add eggs instead of meatballs.