Elite Sheet™

A brand new Utah company has a brand new solution for sleep problems, it’s the Elite Sheet.

Elite Sheet™ is a brand new company with a brand new concept in a bed sheet. We want to get the word out that they are now finally available to help anyone in pain sleep more comfortably and relaxed.

You may not be in pain, but chances are you know someone who is. In fact, 40 million Americans have chronic pain, and we all spend 1/3 of our lives trying to sleep. As a person who has pain, that is not an easy thing to do, so this sheet is a new idea created to make it easier for people who have a difficult time moving around in bed.

What sets Elite Sheet™ apart from all other sheets is the ease of movement it provides as a person changes positions, and is the whole purpose of the sheet. This is the first and only bed sheet that addresses sleep issues.

Elite Sheet™ minimizes the effort of turning for a sleep that is truly restful.
Elite Sheet™provides a low-friction surface on which to transition, thus eliminating unnecessary pain.
Elite Sheet™ is the only choice for a luxury sheet that decreases strangulated movements and stays in place.

I started by making waterbed sheets 30 years ago because the fabric was luxurious, abundant and cheap. When I discovered I could move around easier in bed, I made more. Some sheets worked and some didn’t, so it took years of working at it off and on to figure out how and why it worked or didn’t work. I kept at it because of my fibromyalgia, which is unexplained muscle pain, and I had plenty of that.

After all this time, the fabric is still luxurious, but it is not cheap, nor easy to find.

This is the final product. It is a fitted bed sheet. The combination of the fabrics and the placement of the grain is what reduces friction to allow a person to turn with such ease. This fabric is placed at hip-level, which is usually the heaviest part of the body, and because of the grain of the fabric, you can glide – you don’t have to lift a heavy or hurting body in order to change positions.

That is so important to anyone who has chronic pain. Pregnant women LOVE this sheet. I have product reviews and testimonials from grateful people who have said they just can’t believe what a difference this sheet makes for them, They have raved about how much easier it is to move around in bed,

So, if you are a restless sleeper, heavy, have pain or are pregnant, you should give our sheet a try. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

If you would like to glide rather than lift your body to turn, if you would like to have fewer sleep disruptions, and have a luxurious sleeping surface, then go to our website www.elitesheetcomfort.com, and order. Also, if you hit the KSL button, you will automatically receive $l0 off your purchase, and this is for a limited time for our KSL viewers. If you call to order, mention KSL for the discounted price.

Pricing: Twin $69 Full $79 Queen $89 King $99; almost half off the retail price.

With the Elite Sheet™ you will:

• Glide rather than life your body
• Move effortlessly with reduced friction
• Have fewer sleep disruptions
• Sleep more comfortably and relaxed
• Have a luxurious sleeping surface

For more information go to www.elitesheetcomfort.com

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