Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Tony Oakman, owner of Lee’s Heating and Air, highlights the things to do, and how to have your furnace checked.

“It’s all about preventative maintenance. The last thing you want is to have your furnace break down in the middle of winter, when it’s freezing cold outside. You don’t wait until it snows three feet before you put on your snow tires. Well, you should look at your furnace even more since you sleep with your furnace–not your car,” Oakman said.

Oakman says he has five simple tips you can do yourself to improve the safety and efficiency of your furnace—and, how to reduce your gas bills. These tips are:

   • Check your thermostat. Replace the battery if it has one. If the       thermostat has a set back feature, make sure that it never       fluctuates more than 8 degrees.

   • Check your furnace filter, and if needed, replace it. Then check       or replace it again in two months. A clean filter can reduce       energy costs considerably just by allowing an increase in air       flow.

   • Check the area around your furnace and water heater to       make sure it’s clean and neat. No paper, clothes, mops,       Christmas wrap or such things should be on or near the       furnace or water heater. A good rule is to keep these types of       items at least 2 feet away.

   • Check the venting pipes to be sure they are connected to the       flu pipe.

   • Check your CO detector and change the battery if it requires       one.

In addition, most furnace manufacturers and Questar also recommend a professional certified technician check your furnace annually. Items to be checked should be:

   • The items mentioned above.

   • All gas connections for leaks.

   • Combustion efficiency (how clean the gas is actually burning).

   • Air flow through the furnace.

   • Temperature rise (how well your furnace is transferring heat       into the air).

   • Carbon monoxide levels, if any, in the home.

   • Flu is clear and free of any soot or debris and is correctly       vented.

Oakman says that by having your furnace visually checked by the homeowner and having Lee’s perform a thorough inspection will ensure your safety and decrease your gas and electricity usage.

For a limited time Lee’s Heating and Air will perform a thorough inspection on any Studio 5 viewer’s furnace on the Wasatch Front for just $39. Be safe, be comfortable and help the environment. Call Lee’s today at 801-747-5337 or visit us on the web at

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