Eloquent Entertaining: Woodsy Themed Decor

Eloquent Entertaining: Woodsy Themed

Go au naturale in your own backyard. What’s wild is wonderful in a woodsy

decorating theme.
Melissa Quigley, of Hollyhocks & Honeybees, brings together the organic,
and elegant in this tablescape that works for a weekend picnic, a dinner
party, even a wedding!

Set the Stage
Make a statement right off the bat by adding a long wooden plank, with the
bark still left on the plank if possible, right down the center of the entire
table. This is a perfect base to start with &then buildupon. You could even
use a smaller piece of wood right in the center of your table if you like. For
another fun idea place square wooden planks around the table & use as
placemats, set the dishes right on top of it, & dig in. Cut little rounds of a
wooden log to serve as coasters to place your drinks on. A great little detail
to a fun table setting.

Create Visual Interest with Levels

Leveling is key to any good tablescape presentation. Use cake stands,
made out of a short wooden log with a wider round of wood nailed or glued
to the top, or use the stump of a tree, to serve a cake on or simply stack up
little rounds of wood to set a vase of flowers orset a candle on.

Embellish and Decorate

Add a few touches of other rustic and natural elements. Cut a variety of
wildflowers and put them in various glass jars or vintage pop bottles. Then
group them in clusters of at least 3 and place them here andthere on the
wooden table runner or stack on levels. Place various sizes of wooden logs

on the table or even wrap a belt around a big wooden stump for a wow
factor. The possibilities are limitless!

Add Whimsy With Something Personal

Think about what you are celebrating and how you could create a little
keepsake for a memento. Woodburn initials, an important date or a little
saying onto a piece of wood. Display it on a table, place by the desserts or
set it by a sign-in book. Take the idea a step further — carve initials into
wood for charming look!

Woodburning kits as featured in this segment can be found at craft, hobby
and home stores.

For more ideas on how to throw a woodsy-themed party, check out
Melissa’s blog

Melissa Quigley is a successful stay at home mother of 3 girls. She operates
a thriving home based business, Hollyhocks & Honeybees, from her
Mountain Green home where she creates unique, eclectic, one-of-a-kind
frames & other home décor.
Melissa loves creating and hosting parties for her friends and family
throughout the year. When she is not entertaining she enjoys; baking,
antiquing, attending BYU football games and watching Duke Basketball with
her family.

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