Embrace Your Heritage

By Alisa Bangerter – Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Idea Contributor.

Embrace Your Heritage Through Traditions

There are many ways to embrace your heritage. One way is to learn about where your ancestors came from and to incorporate some of the traditions and culture from the country into your home.


Learn facts about the country of your ancestors and about the culture. Incorporate something simple from the culture into your daily living. Check out your local library or do an online search for stories and educational books and information.

Birthday Traditions

Incorporate some fun birthday traditions from a country of your ancestors.

Holiday Traditions

Incorporate some holiday traditions from the country of your ancestors. This could encompass decorations, food, games, rituals, etc. Make sure to think of holidays other than Christmas. You may even want to observe a holiday from a country that is not normally celebrated in America.




Learn words in the language of your ancestors. Some common words to learn would be simple greetings or common sayings. Use them often in your home.

Stories and Legends

Read a story from a country of your ancestor as a family once a month or use as a bedtime story. Check out your local library, a bookstore or online for stories and legends from and about countries around the world.


Learn about games played in a country of your ancestor. Play as a family. This would be a fun thing to do at a family reunion.


Religious Holidays and Traditions

Learn about your ancestors’ religion and about their religious holidays or observances. Discuss these as a family and learn how others celebrate and embrace their heritage through religious practices and beliefs.

A fun idea might be to share a quick piece of information regarding an ancestor or their country via e-mail to your family. Share specific information about an ancestor, a tradition, a recipe or other fun and interesting tidbit that might help your family embrace their heritage.

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