Sacred Innocence

In coming forth with the truth, Wendy was rejected by her family and faced with the challenge and responsibility to break the chain of abuse in her family line.

Wendy Johnson battled with depression, anger and feelings of being flawed and worthless and explains in her book Sacred Innocence how she felt like giving up the battle to heal and give in to feelings of hopelessness many times. Finally, after searching many types of worldly promises of healing and being mislead for so many years, she found that true answers to healing only occur through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wendy shares her valuable insights in applying the gospel toward healing through her personal challenge. She found an inner strength by promising a stronger relationship with her husband and a better life for her children and used that purpose as a motivation to rid herself of the lingering affects of abuse. Feeling robbed of her sacred innocence, she found the Lord could lift her burden and that only He could right the wrongs of her past. She set out on a mission to apply the infinite atonement to her life and found that the healing powers of Jesus Christ are real and that there is life after abuse.


There are five characteristed types of abuses.
Physical Neglect which is the most common form. A child who is constantly dirty with soiled, torn and inadequate clothing. They are underweight and provider not giving adequate food or shelter.

Educational Neglect is where the caregiver does not care if child goes to school or finishes or even responds to teacher’s inquiries.

Emotional Neglect/Emotional Abuse – the only abuse you cannot see and is the most accepted form of abuse. It is deliberate behavior that seriously undermines the person and attacks their self-esteem, self-confidence. Examples are constant criticism, repeated disapproval, berating, verbal intimidation (you’re a loser, stupid, no one cares what you have to say….)

Physical abuse – the child is afraid to go home, contusion of the skin, laceration, burns, fracture of any kind, burns, bruises, head injuries, starvation. Result, child is overly aggressive and demanding.
Sexual Abuse, Exploitation of a child for the sexual gratification of an adult or person older than the child. Acts designed to stimulate child or perpetrator using coercion, deceit and manipulation to achieve power over child. Sexual abuse is rape, incest, fondling and penetration. Showing child pornography or taking pictures of child in compromising positions.


First, abuse is preventable. Nealry 3.3 million children are reported approximately each year. Three children die each day in the US and 82% of victims are under the age of 5. with 79.4% of the perpetrators being parents

High Risk Factors

Substance abuse by caregivers. Domestic violence. Lack of parenting skills, parent with a history of being abused. ( we repeat what we have learned.) Family isolated from outside world/no support. Colicky baby, premature baby and mentally ill child.


What can you do if you suspect it.

If you suspect contact the DCSF (800) 678-9399. You can report anonymously. Reporting to both local police department. Do not interrogate yourself or interfere. Report and let the authorities do their job.

What can you do if you are in it.

If you are a mother, if your child has ever said that their dad has visited them at night or calls them names like, sexy or if the father views pornography, talk to your children. Ask and be specific and be ready to act. Do not confront the husband with the child in the home. If you are a mother whose husband hits you, your child is being abused just by witnessing it.

A mother who is abused, 87% of children will witness abuse.

70% of men who abuse spouse abuse their children

50% of all homeless women and children in this country are running from domestic abuse.

Once the cycle is broken, a system is set in motion to provide a better opportunity for the family to receive assistance in recovery and healing.

Become the voice for the voiceless.

Never leave your child alone with someone who has sexually abused them! Do not have them in the same home. Sexual abuse is not just an act against the child but a lifestyle.

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