Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Owner Tony Oakman from Lee’s Heating and Air explains how the right furnace can save you money, in both summer and winter, as well as fix those hot and cold spots.

Did you know that your furnace determines how well the central air works, not the cooler unit? The furnace is responsible for blowing the cool air from the AC unit through the furnace ducts to cool your home. So depending on how efficient your furnace works, will have a direct impact on how much energy you use and how well the air is circulated throughout the home. At Lee’s Heating and Air, they tested two furnaces that were the same size and had the same efficiency rating of 80, which is the standard rating. Both units looked alike on the outside, but what was on the inside made a difference on energy usage – with one of the units testing to be seven times more efficient than the other one.

Here are the results:

This first unit tested was a two stage furnace that used a standard motor with fixed air flows. Due to this type of motor, electric bills normally run higher with this furnace, especially if you have air conditioning. The average energy usage measurement from this unit was about 750 watts. That is the equivalent of lighting a room with seven 100 watt light bulbs. Tony calls that unit a big energy pig.

The second unit tested was a two stage variable speed unit, which had a high efficient variable air flow motor that blows air at higher speed based on the need to cool or heat. The fan runs continuously to keep air circulating in the home. That also helps prevent the hot and cold spots. The average energy usage measurement with this unit was 100 watts. That means this unit is seven times more efficient than the other. So you can run this one unit for an entire week at the same cost to run this other unit for just one day.

The two stage variable unit cost averages $800 to $900 more than the two stage standard unit when you purchase a new furnace, but you will make that money back within a year of use due because the unit is more energy efficiency. After that, you will continue to save on your energy bills each month.

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