“Smores and More”

Becky Low with the Dairy Farmers of Utah.

“Smores and More”

Caramel Smores

Roast coconut toasted marshmallow and smoosh between large chocolate chip cookie and carmel filled chocolates squares.

Nutella Banana Smores (makes 2)

2 flour tortillas

2-3 tablespoons Nutella (chocolate and hazelnut spread)

1 banana

Spread tortillas with Nutella. Place 1/2 banana on marshmallow stick and toast over campfire; wrap tortilla around banana and remove from stick; fold tortilla over banana. Smoosh banana in folded tortilla (great with whipped cream).

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smores

Spread graham cracker with peanut butter; roast marshmallow and smoosh between chocolate bar and crackers.

Keebler Smores

Roasted marshmallow smooshed between two chocolate dipped/striped cookies.

Betty Crocker Frosting Smores

Spread graham crackers with canned chocolate frosting; roast marshmallow and smoosh between frosting and crackers.

Coconut Smores

Roasted coconut toasted marshmallow smooshed between 2 coconut chocolate chip cookies and a smooshed Mounds chocolate bar.

Smore Shake (1 large shake)

2 cups vanilla ice cream

4 tablespoons chocolate syrup
milk, to create desired consistency

2-3 tablespoon hard shell ice cream topping

1 square graham cracker, crushed

mini marshmallows

mini chocolate chips

Place ice cream in a blender; add chocolate syrup and enough milk to create desired consistency; blend. Pour shake in to tall glass; partially stir in hard shell ice cream topping; top with crushed graham cracker, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Frozen Stick Smores (1 Stick Smore)

2 large marshmallows

1 popsicle or candy apple stick

Melted chocolate

Crushed graham crackers

Place 2 marshmallows on a popsicle stick. Roll or dip in melted chocolate, roll in crushed graham crackers. Place in freezer until firm (or overnight).

Smore Trail Mix

4 cups golden graham cereal

2 cups chocolate chips

2 cups mini marshmallows

1 cup raisins, optional

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Vary ingredients to suit individual taste preferences.

Smore Pie

2 cups chocolate chips

1/4 cup milk

3 cups mini marshmallows

2 cups whipping cream

1 graham cracker crumb crust

Melt chocolate chips with milk and 1 cup marshmallows (low setting in microwave or in top of double boiler). Cool to room temperature, but not set. Whip cream until stiff peaks form; gently fold whipped cream and remaining marshmallows into melted chocolate; spoon into prepared graham cracker crust. Refrigerate until firm. Garnish with additional whipped cream, chocolate chips or graham cracker crumbs.


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