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Brittany Hanks, owner of Essential Swimwear, shows off her 2010 line.

About Essential Swimwear

After becoming thoroughly discouraged every season as I searched for the perfect swimsuit, I decided that it didn’t exist. I was frustrated with expensive prices, wrong fits and the hassle of searching online for hours. Having some sewing experience, the thought came to mind, “Why don’t I make my own swimsuit?”

After a lot of trial and error, I was finally able to sew swimsuits that were comfortable, stylish and flattering. I began making swimsuits for friends and family and soon the word started spreading.

I sold hand-sewn women’s swimsuits in 2008 and 2009 and received an overwhelmingly positive response. I gained priceless knowledge as I personally fit hundreds of women. I was able to discover their needs, wants and insecurities. With this knowledge I was able to design a line of swimsuits for the 2010 season.

To increase the quality and keep up with demand I no longer hand-make the swimsuits, but am able to offer styles, designs and a price point that fits the needs of women.

“I hope you enjoy wearing these swimsuits as much as I have enjoyed designing them!”



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