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Make your everyday photos more intentional! Here are 3 ways to capture more emotion

Elevate your everyday photos by being more intentional.

The best photos are the ones that capture some kind of emotion. Joy, love, playfulness – these pictures are the ones we’ll cherish. So how can you, with your phone camera, get these emotions in your photos?

Natalie Felt shares three ways to document the everyday moments with more intention. She shares why we need to pause and put the camera down sometimes, and a trick iPhone users can use to find the perfect frame.

Find more of Natalie’s work on Instagram, @nataliefeltphotography, or at www.nataliefeltphotography.com.


How to Change Key Frame on iPhone


  1. Make sure you choose a photo that was taken on the “Live” setting mode. You can check this by opening up the photo and in the top left hand corner it will say “live” or “portrait”, etc.
  2. Click “edit” in the top right hand corner
  3. Click on the small circles icon on the bottom left
  4. Slide back and forth to decide which one you want to make the key photo and click done
  5. Then to save the photo and select another one from that same series, click the export button and select duplicate.
  6. Now you will have both the original photo and the one you selected saved to your phone

A few things to keep in mind- Make sure your camera is set to “live mode.” If you are in portrait mode or take photos while you are videoing, then you won’t be able to edit the photos with the “live” mode feature later.

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