fuzzy socks

Turn an extra pair of fuzzy socks into a cute snowman! Here’s the easy how-to

Use those extra fuzzy socks for a winter craft project.

He’s a frosty friend to melt your heart. All ages will enjoy circling up at the craft table to make a cute indoor snowman.

Lifestyle crafter Amy Latta shares this darling winter craft project.

Find more ideas from Amy at www.amylattacreations.com, or on Instagram, @amylattacreations.


Amy Latta is a lifestyle crafter, hand lettering artist, and best-selling author. Her passion is helping others to explore and express their own creativity. Her artwork has been featured in design collaborations with Starbucks, GAP stores, Tombow USA, and more. Find Amy at www.amylattacreations.com and on Instagram @amylattacreations.

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