Extreme Wellness Clinic: Mesotherapy

Dr. James E. Pickens with the Extreme Wellness Clinic specializes in these non-invasive procedures.

Mesotherapy is a medical application technique of applying 1/400th of a dose that an individual patient can take internally to an external region such as the abdomen or back to correct a problem such as an uncosmetic deposition of fat. Mesotherapy has been used in France for more than 50 years for control of pain in certain patients. For the past 4-5 years, we have been applying the mesotherapy technique in our practice for non-surgical procedures to diminish fatty areas and for hair re-growth.

The hair re-growth technique works best in patients with thinning hair and/or male pattern baldness

Mesotherapy has to be networked into our programs using other methods such as HCG weight loss and it takes more than one application of mesotherapy with other modalities to get desired result. This is relatively new adaptation of old techniques and along with other procedures can be very helpful in achieving a natural result.

Results from invasive surgery may be too dramatic and may look unnatural and that is why we have created a network of smaller, less invasive treatments such as using mesotherapy techniques to diminish fatty areas and increase hair growth.

Success of the mesotherapy technique depends on penetration of product and we have worked with a Salt lake City Company to utilize their ultrasound, oscillation and their non-surgical contouring machine to achieve the effect desired without needles or invasive procedures like surgery.

As a plastic surgeon, in the past, I performed surgical hair transplant surgery to restore hair growth. It was successful and still is but the mesotherapy, noninvasive procedure we are using and developing is non-surgical and is primarily used for male pattern baldness and/or thinning hair for men and women. It requires in-office treatments and at home application of the product.

For more information, contact Dr. Pickens and his staff:

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