Good Feet: Comfortable Arches

They manufacture and sell over 300 styles and sizes of prefabricated arch supports, with styles to fit in all types of shoes for all different activities.

By properly supporting the foot and aligning the body, Good Feet Arch Support Inserts can help relieve pain and pressure associated with common foot problems such as bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Good Feet offers professional arch support and shoe fitting by certified fitters, using the Good Feet Measurement System. There are 23 styles of arch supports in nearly 300 sizes for every type of foot, shoe styles and activity. They’re patented, durable, superior quality products with personalized service and follow up.

Stop by the Good Feet store in Salt Lake located at 4846 South Highland Drive or in Layton at 753 Weset Antelope Drive.

For more information on Good Feet, Your Arch Support Store, go to

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