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Eyelid Surgery Improves Your Look and Your Life

Dr. Justin Johnsen is an oculoplastic surgeon at Utah Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery and explains the benefits from eyelid surgery.

Dr Johnsen has performed thousands of eyelid procedures, and is the only surgeon in the country to use a suture-less, blade-less surgical technique. This technique can help reduce swelling, bruising and recovery time, and most patients can return to their routines after just a few days. In addition, this type of surgery is often covered by insurance.

“Droopy eyelids can affect people of all ages. When our eyelids become droopy, it can cause both personal and safety problems. Some cases are so severe that people have a hard time driving or doing daily tasks, because they have a hard time seeing. Many people don’t know that a simple surgery can drastically improve their lives. Even more people don’t know that a lot of the time, insurance will cover the costs,” says Johnsen.

Johnsen added, “Most health insurance companies, and Medicare, look at two things when determining whether a patient qualifies for this procedure. They look at the amount of visual field loss a person is suffering from, or a person must have tissue actually pushing down on the eyelid.”

For a limited time, Johnsen is offering free consultations to prospective clients. Normally, consultations cost $100.

Johnsen, a Utah native, obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah. He then attended medical school at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He completed his residency at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and completed a fellowship in Michigan with Dr. Thomas Spoor, a surgeon with 25 years of experience in optic nerve and oculoplastic surgery.

After a few years in North Carolina as an associate professor at Duke University, Johnsen and his wife chose to move back to Utah to raise their children near their extended family.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for this surgery or to schedule your free consultation, call Utah Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery at (801)281-FACE (3223), or visit the Web at

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