Fabulous Lashes for Valentine’s Day

Carrie Brinton from Elase Academy shares 4 ways to get fabulous lashes for Valentine’s Day.

1) Proper eyelash curling
Step One: Clean the eyelash curler
Step Two: Heat the curler
Step Three: Position the lash curler
Step Four: Squeeze the curler
Step Five: Release the curler
Step Six: Apply Mascara
Step Seven: Comb your lashes

2) Tinting:
Eyelashes $10
Eyebrows $10

3) Latisse

Prescription product that increases the thickness and length of your lashes! Sold at Elase Academy!



4) Eyelash Extensions

Done at the academy by certified students.

Mink Lash Full set $75 – 3 hours
Mink Lash Half set $1 per lash
Mink Lash Fill $1 per lash
(Within 3 weeks)

Come to The Spa at Elase Academy for Latisse, Tinting, and Eyelash Extensions!

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