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Fall Parenting Reset: 4 pieces of advice to start the school year with fresh goals

September is the perfect time for a parenting reset.

The start of a new school year has always been a significant milestone for families. It’s a time when the chaos of summer starts to settle and routines are reestablished. Have you ever considered that this moment could be even more transformative than New Year’s Day?

Jessi Berger, the host of the online community, Middle Moms, certainly does. She shares why the back-to-school season is the perfect opportunity for parents to reflect, reset, and refocus on their parenting goals.

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4 Tips for a Fall Parenting Reset

Why Now?

The question arises: why is the back-to-school season such a pivotal moment for parents? According to Jessi, it’s a time when families naturally fall back into routines and schedules. We’ve all heard friends say, “when we get back to school, things will calm down.” It’s almost like a collective sigh of relief as parents prepare for a more structured life.

Jessi believes that this reset is more powerful than the traditional New Year’s resolutions. It offers a chance to recalibrate and refocus when everyone is ready for it. The rhythm of the school year brings a sense of stability that sets the stage for positive change.

The Importance of a Vision Statement

To start a parental reset, Jessi recommends creating a vision statement. This isn’t an elaborate declaration – it’s a simple, intentional sentence or two that reflects what’s truly important to you. Your vision statement serves as a North Star, guiding your actions and decisions. It’s about defining what you value and what you want your family life to look and feel like.

Aligning Goals with Your Vision

Once you have your vision statement in place, the next step is setting goals that align with it. These goals should support your vision and bring it to life. For example, if your vision emphasizes family togetherness, a goal could be attending one of your child’s activities each week. Involving your children in this process ensures their buy-in and makes achieving these goals more manageable.

Remember Your Season

Your life, much like the changing seasons, goes through different phases. Recognizing the season you’re in is essential for setting realistic goals. For instance, family breakfasts might be a great goal if your children’s schedules align, but in busier seasons, it may not be feasible. Understanding your season allows you to tailor your goals to fit your current circumstances.

Keep It Simple and Write It Down

Simplicity is key to success. Instead of overwhelming yourself with a laundry list of goals, choose a few that align closely with your vision statement. Writing them down makes them feel more concrete and increases your commitment to achieving them. Place your goals where everyone in the family can see them, ensuring constant reminders and accountability.

Back to school isn’t just about textbooks and backpacks – it’s an opportunity for parents to reset their parenting goals. By creating a vision statement, setting aligned goals, considering your current season, and keeping things simple, you can embark on a journey of intentional parenting that will benefit your family throughout the school year and beyond. As Jessi wisely puts it, “you gotta hold on to them when you’ve got them.”

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