slot canyon

Family-Friendly Slot Canyon Hikes

When you hear “slot canyon,” you might immediately think of a difficult hike. But, there are lots of slot canyons around Utah that even kids can do.

Chamaine Wollenzien shares five slot canyon hikes you can take the whole family to enjoy.

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  • Where is the “family friendly” Mystery Canyon in Kanab? When I google it all I find is a 6-8 hour hike that needs a wetsuit, climbing equipment and a permit. Could it be called something else?

  • Ask the folks at the Kanab Visitors Bureau. Another neat place nearby is the broken rock formation known by locals as “Saleradas”. It is accessed from the North end of town. Look West across Kanab Creek to the mouth of this small canyon. Hike up to the head of this canyon and then turn and climb toward the Northwest. There you will encounter the “Cracks” – deep cracks in the solid rock formation just wide enough for a human to press through going in different direction. It was and still should be a great place to play “Hide & Go Seek”.
    Norm Jackson – just one of those kids.