Family-Friendly Video Games

Jessica Foust with TopTenREVIEWS reveals this year’s newest family-friendly video games.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3 took place earlier this summer. It’s an annual trade show for the gaming industry. It’s where video game developers show off their new games and hardware for the upcoming year.

At this year’s E3, video game creators made it clear they are ready to fight for space in the family room. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all showcased their motion control devices which sought to broaden the appeal of their games to include more players and family-friendly games.

The first to really focus on games to be played and enjoyed by all ages and abilities is Nintendo. We’ve played the Wii for a couple of years now. They continued this trend by including games like Wii Party, Wii Sports Mix, and Epic Mickey.

Nintendo 3DS

However, Nintendo really stole the show with their new 3DS. The portable 3D gaming system looks like the DSi, but has a 3D screen on top and a touch screen on the bottom half. It’s one of the most interesting technologies to come out of E3 since it lets you play video games in 3D without wearing glasses.

Sony PlayStation Move

Sony announced their version of motion gaming called PlayStation Move. In reality, the Move controller looks and feels like the Wii’s with the exception of the ball on top that can change color. However, it’s very precise when doing fast actions like throwing a punch or swinging a tennis racket.

Microsoft Kinect

If you want to leave the controllers behind, you’ll have to look at Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 motion control device called Kinect. To use this hands-free device you just stand in front of your television and use your body to control what’s on the screen. In essence, the players are the controllers.

RockBand 3

Another game that aims at getting players off the couch and immersed into the game is RockBand 3. It introduced a real guitar that can be played both with the game and with an amplifier. The game creators also emphasized that playing the game can in-turn teach beginners how to play a real guitar.

The trend to appeal not only hard-core gamers but a general audience became clear with motion control devices and games aimed at getting you and your family off the couch and into the game. These video games shown at E3 2010 can create a perfect activity to get each family member in on the action.

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