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New Family Game Idea: Clap for the Frog

When your family is tired of the board games – and even the video games – put your hands together, try this game idea, and “Clap for the Frog!”

Melisa Osmond shares a simple together activity that promotes unity, self-confidence and fun!

Think of it as a family talent show meets high-energy game night.

“It’s our family’s all-time favorite game,” Melisa Osmond says. “A friend shared the concept, which we adapted. We now call it ‘Clap for the Frog.’”

Who’s the frog, you might ask? You. Your husband. Your kids. Whoever takes center stage (otherwise known as the living room carpet) to perform a trick.

“A magic trick, a juggling act, a high-kick, a joke – believe me, we’ve seen it all,” Melisa explains. “You should hear the crowd when Grandma attempts a cartwheel!”

And the crowd response is key. No matter the level of talent, once someone shares their trick, everyone goes wild: clapping, cheering, yelling. That, Melisa says, is the magic of this activity.

“It creates unity as a family, and builds self-esteem among siblings,” Melisa says.

And we say home is exactly where that should happen. Well done, frogs!

Melisa Osmond is a regular Studio 5 contributor and public speaker, who shares family fun ideas on her Instagram @melisaosmond. She is also the founder of “Melisa Osmond’s Power in You” event, which empowers girl tween, teens and their moms to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. Melisa and her husband, Jeremy, are the parents of three children.

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