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The Family Mission Statement: How to craft one that fits your family

A family mission statement should be a collaborative effort.

Having a family mission statement can mold leaders within the home, creating a foundation for success, love, and understanding.

Studio 5 Contributor Shima Baughman helped us discover the transformative power of family mission statements.


How to Craft a Family Mission Statement

A Collaborative Effort

Shima shared her inspiring family mission statement, a culmination of effort and aspiration. Crafting it took time, dedication, and collaboration. Involving her husband and two older boys in the process ensured that the whole family was invested, a crucial step in making the mission statement a guiding force within their lives. Shima emphasized that the statement was aspirational, acknowledging that perfection is not the goal, but rather a continuous journey towards becoming better individuals.

Bringing Kindness and Love into Daily Life

Having a family mission statement isn’t just about words on paper; it’s a daily reminder of values and aspirations. Shima emphasized the power of high goals, stating that they drive individuals to achieve more and be better versions of themselves. By reminding themselves daily of their mission, the Baughman family fosters an environment of kindness, forgiveness, and love, even in challenging moments.

A Tool for Self-Discovery and Focus

Shima says that family mission statements help tell a family’s story, providing children with a sense of identity and confidence. By understanding their roots and the values that define their family, children gain the strength to resist peer pressure and embrace self-confidence. These mission statements force families to focus on what truly matters, creating a purpose-driven environment where love, gratitude, and forgiveness thrive.

Transforming Homes into Centers of Love and Leadership

In a world often filled with distractions, a family mission statement stands as a beacon of unity, guiding families towards love, understanding, and shared goals. As Shima beautifully pointed out, these statements are not just leadership tools for corporations; they are indispensable tools that can transform homes into centers of love and leadership. Crafting a family mission statement isn’t just a task; it’s a profound and enduring investment in the unity and success of the family unit.

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