Fashion 101: Maxi Skirts

Fashion 101: Maxi Skirts

Skirts have reached new lengths in the past few seasons. From vintage-looking full lace skirts to comfy, simple jersey knit, but the key to making the below-the-knee look runway-ready is the right accessories. Fashion blogger, Brooke Brown explains how to keep the long lengths looking classy and feminine instead of old-fashioned and frumpy.

Lengthy-Skirt Looks:

Maxi Skirt

Satchel: $24.99
Floppy Hat: $12.99
Shirt: $19.99
Skirt: $24.99
Necklace: $14.99
Jacket: $29.99.

Mid-Calf Skirt

Bag: $24.99
Brown Belt: $16.99
Bracelet: $12.99 each
Skirt: $17.99
Shirt: $24.99
Top: $16.99

Knee-Length Skirt

Skirt: $14.99
Sweatshirt: $19.99
Necklace: $19.99
Shoes: $24.99
Cloche Hat. $12.99.

*All clothing from Target.

Visit Brooke’s blog,, for more thrifty fashion tips.

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