Fashionably Warm

Allison Czarnecki Founder and Editor of Petit Elefant shows us a few great ideas for keeping warm, and where to find them at great prices!

Knit Scarves

Unity scarves are a great piece to layer on top of an already warm outfit for extra warmth.
Wear one of these instead of a statement necklace, wrapping it twice around for a bulky
knit accessory, or leave it long on top of your outfit for extra oomph. Pick a weight and
color that can keep you warm during the next few months while transitioning into your
spring wardrobe. Light colors and neutrals can be worn well into cold April weather.

Allison found these at Target for $16.

Cardigan Sweater

A great cardigan sweater is the staple to any winter wardrobe, easily layering on top of a great pair of skinny jeans or some leggings, and worn with a pair of great boots. A good rule of thumb to remember when wearing a longer cardigan with a pair of leggings is to make sure the sweater hits at mid-thigh; if it doesn’t, wear with a pair of jeans instead. A comfortable, warm, and flattering sweater is fashionable well into cold spring weather.

These can be found at Lands’ End for $69.50.

Warm Boots

Trudging through the snow doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or ugly with the right pair
of boots. Try on several pair of boots to find a pair you can wear for long periods of time
and with a variety of different outfits. If you are tall, a taller pair of boots will look great
on your body and if you are a little shorter, pick boots that hit at mid-calf or below so
they don’t cut off your silhouette.

Allison found some like these at Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots for $130.,default,pd.html

Knit Gloves

A pair of lightweight, warm, and soft knit gloves is a perfect winter accessory for any
cold weather outfit. Pick a fun color to make a statement and make sure they fit in your
purse so you can whip them out when the weather turns nasty.

Allison found these at The Gap for $10.

Trench Coat or Peacoat

The last and most important piece in a winter wardrobe is a good coat. Pea coats and
trench coats are hugely popular right now and are a great way to finish off an outfit. Pick
a coat that is tailored to the body for a flattering fit while allowing for layering
underneath. Taller women can wear longer coats, hitting at mid-calf or higher, while
shorter women should pick a coat that skims the knee or just below, so as not to remain
proportionate with height.
When it comes to cozy fashion for the winter the most important thing is to have fun!
Winter accessories can be stylish while keeping you warm.

These can be found at TJ Maxx for $75.

Knit Headwear

Knit headwear is really big this winter season, and for good reason: it’s warm and
adorable all at the same time. Knit headbands are perfect because they keep ears toasty
without messing up cute hair, all while making a fashion statement. Try wearing a
headband with a pop of color for a statement piece, or a neutral as a background to a
more colorful outfit.

A knit headband can be found at local {Misty Burnett’s} Provo Etsy shop Not Your Granny’s Aprons for $10 each.

Allison Czarnecki

Founder and Editor

Petit Elefant


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