Father’s Day Creations

Designer Kristine McKay helps jumpstart your Father’s Day creations.

1. Mock Bait Box

This fun “mock” bait box is made out of a 7″ square paper mache’ box that was purchased at Wal-Mart. It is simply covered with a wood patterned paper. The “Bait” jars are old baby food jars that have been filled with goodies such as Swedish fish, gummy worms, and gold fish crackers.

2. Retro Soda Bottles

These Retro soda bottles were created out of an old 6 pack of IBC soda bottles. Take Dad back to a time when “Father Knew Best”. Fill each jar with his favorite goodies.

3. Golf T Jar

Dad is “T”-rrific! Let him know just how much. Create this fun golf tee jar out of an old Ragu’ sauce jar and fill it with golf tees that have little messages written on the sides of each tee.

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Kristine McKay enjoys paper crafting and all things creative and she loves to share her inspiration with other women.

For more great ideas and to read more about Kristine’s creative musings, you can visit her website at www.kmckaydesigns.com.

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